Good day follows, future fellow followers and all members (including the non-members who by accident came across this)

We welcome you to June and Winter season in Cape Town, South Africa. You should know that I was not planning on writing a blog but then I had this idea, I want to become a writer. Suppose writing blogs is a good way to start hey?

What I meant by writer in the above is an author. Now, for those who ‘knows’ Mell, you’ll probably be like: Mell is studying to be a lawyer, why the sudden change of heart?

Relax, a person can dream or so I believe. Loads of things have been happening the past few weeks. I will try and stick to the relevant but important factors that have swamped Melluan.

Mell turned 21 on 23 May, for those who were wondering. Ruan got her a tablet after she made a 21 wishlist and gave it to him 3 days before the time. A tablet was closely related to one of her wishes. She actually wanted an iPad. Get this, she did not even know what either can do yet she wanted it. Most probably wanting to stay with the “in-crowd”. Actually, Mell needed or rather wanted a better camera in case she ends up wanting to take pictures of stuff.

Ruan also the gentleman that he is, gave Mell what she wanted since last year already.  A surprise party! Althought there were less than 10 people there, it was still a surprise since Mell knew nothing about the party which Ruan’s sister threw. Other than that lots of people called and messaged as well as posted on Mell’s Facebook wall to congradulate her on achieving or to be neutral becoming 21. Back in the old days becoming 21 was considered by law as being an adult.

Interesting thing that happened to Mell was that Ruan’s other sister (whom not alot of the family has contact with and who never ever met Mell) called Mell to wish her. A sign of acceptance into the “other family”? Perhaps, we will see what the future holds.

Mell made it to the exams, luckily days before her birthday and it was actually one good exam. Downside to that is that Mell is on vacation for two months. Now what right person in her right mind would say no to that? Only Mell because she gets bored easily. What did she do? She went and fetched her programme materials at uni for her 10 day Missouri course. Briefly, its South African students interacting with USA students with regards to each country’s criminal justice system (should be fun). One exam which needs to be passed. Over 200 pages of reading to be done but Mell loves reading so she can cope.

Spanish and Bulgarian bit Mell in the tongue and currently she is on level 5 of learning Spanish on the app she installed 3 days ago (A fast learner).

Ruan is trying out skinny jeans and got him new shoes. Work is hectic for him, since his project is launching end og July. He will be working every weekend of June and July to make the deadline.

Oh and Melluan residence finally got a washing machine. It is very important to have one because Ruan does not like wearing the same clothes twice unless it is washed. I think it is something he picked up at his workplace with those old designers.

Crap got to go eat, cheerio.

Update soon

xoxo Melluan xoxo

Some of our (mine mostly) obstacles in life…

Good day,


Howdie? So we know and acknowledge that everyone has obstacles in  life.

Melluan had tough times too.

Distance was the biggest problem back then (only 4 months ago) and not to mention family.


Currently Mell (person typing) has a massive problem!

ImageSee this pic, can you spot the problem?

Yes, the hair. It is dry, fugly and not to mention short.

Believe it or not, but Mell used to have long hair (like ass lenght).

One regretfull year (beginning of 2011) she cut it. Boom now it has taken almost 4 years to grow.

The hair was cut short just above the ears.


Biggest problem is the split ends and dry hair. Went for a trim twice (mom-in-law did it).

So I am just about had it with this hair.

Unfortunately, I will not shave off all my hair ( I know you were thinking that).

I am going to repair the hair.

As I am typing I have a hair moisturizing mask on and going to wash it out after 5 long hours.

Hair is the number 1 hygiene spot (I believe).



The above pic is a way better pic of my hair.

Plus this is a pic a few weeks after the previous pic.

Presently I am also suffering from the terrible monster ‘dandruff’.

I know gross, right?

My head scalp is totally itchy and dry.

I mean it’s not like I cannot afford to take better care of my scalp.

Dry scalp is sort of inherent (in my case).

Therefore I am doing atleast trying to do something about it.

Before you go all: ‘Gross, what is Snoocky, not thinking?

I’ll have you know that he is aware of my scalp problem and he is totally cool with it.

I might be over exaggerating the degree of dandruff that I have (perhaps because I am a female).

Snoocky just says that you can hardly see it (yeah right).


Anyhow, so that is my unimportant life obstacle that I am struggling with.

And I might only graduate in 2017 (I might fail corporate law).

Pray for me (joke).

So with weight problems, study stress and facial probs, my hair is my only concern currently.


I do not want this particular blog to be all about me,

therefore I want to add a picture of Snoocky (alone).


I took this pic in the last days of April (Easter weekend).

Obviously he does not look like this everyday.

I merely pinned his hair back, cuz he looks cute.I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but he hates pictures of himself.


Oh I forgot I took pics of myself yesterday (cuz I am so conceited).

This is pic below is when my hair is dirty (all that dandruff and stuff).


Okay, so there you have it.

I am a girl who is not afraid to admit that I have hair problems (and hairfall).




he pulled his lip like that hahahha



May Day

Dear Fellow followers and strangers

Melluan here, finding trouble with uploading videos. 😦

Theres like 2 vids of me and Snoocky on Easter weekend having fun in the lounge at his sister’s but unfortunately WordPress cannot seem to find the video (eventhough I can finf it).

I want to uploads more pics (our profile pic needs to be updated) too.

So we are still here but a bit busy.

Mell got to study for upcoming tests, Ruan busy with work (when he’s not busy, he is laying on the couch infront of the tele).

I will try my hardest to upload some recent pics.


Cheers for now


UNI – Skate

Dear fellow followers


I have had this topic on my mind since 2013. Uni – Skate, is an original idea by me (Mell) and it is basically about skaters at university. I wish I was a skater but I just do not have the time. I am an aspiring skater, bought me a skateboard and followed up on videos on how to skate.


So let me explain what Uni- Skate is all about.

In my uni, skating is not that popular (not as far as I have seen) so i came up with the idea of marketing skating.

By having a skater competition. Uni-Skate basically stands for University Skate. The idea around it is, once a year there is an inter university skate competition. But this competition is not like any competition you have ever seen before. The applicants apply and only 10 skater of each university will be accepted. So say e.g there are 5 universities then there will be 50 skaters that will be enrolled in the competition.

The competition takes place at one university or a skate park that is in the area of that university.

The catch is, the skaters gets randomly selected into groups of 10 and they have to work together to win the grand prize. There are 5 rounds and in every round 5 skaters gets eliminated leaving 25 remaining skaters. Those 25 skaters compete in three rounds leaving 5 remaining skaters as the champions. I know it sounds tricky but the best skaters in the previous rounds competes against the ones who won in the first 2 rounds.

The lay out of the competition is that for every round the skaters in their groups have to work out a sequence of styles. Almost like a dance group. To top it all off, if you want the skaters with the majority votes can then compete against the winners of the remaining 20 group.

If you don’t follow I will gladly enlighten you. This competition would be great. Skaters would have a month to prep before the competition and then when they get to the competition the are forced to work with other people who they do not know. In that way they unite in order to win.

The grand prize obviously have to be worth it. Like 50 grand and skating vouchers at skate shops.

The competition should be one week long.

After the competition, shows gets held like tour, skating tours.


Do you catch my drift? I once almost made this competition happen but the funds was not there. If you know what I am talking about please tell me if you think it can work. I believe it can. With enough effort and energy UNI-Skate can be amazing.

I even had the logo and everything but dreams will stay dreams.


Got to go and meet my future employer. One day maybe UNI-Skate shall arisen



Let the record show

Let the record show that this is the first time that I have blogged twice on the same day. I do have a reason though. I get notifications about people who follow me but when I checked my profile and blogs I did not see any followers. Bear with me I am a newbie.


Okay, I’ll admit it, I do not really know how WordPress works. I did have an account like a year ago and as far as I can tell, WordPress evolved.


Crap I think I am getting sick. Starting to cough. Perhaps sitting in an aircon room for ove r3 hours is bad for me?

What can I say?

Hello Reader

Somehow I keep thinking of Damon in The Vampire Diaries when he made his first appearance and said : Hello Brother. That was so hot. Yes I am an Ian Somerholder fan (stalking him on Facebook and Twitter). Right, so I (sorry meant we) are back to give you some updates on our week.


It’s taking me forever to get a tax reference number but I should hopefully get it in this week – so the dude at HR said. Then hopefully I can start working as a student assistant at the Law Faculty at my uni. To be honest, I actually am not that keen on working there. In the beginning I was all ‘Yaaaih, I’m gonna be employed again’ now I am re-considering my issues.


Great news: A stranger offered me a cool job last week. He wants me to do question paper answers for his modules. He already gave me an opportunity to do Jurisprudence and I did it, meeting up with him today to discuss the payment plan. A lecturer referred me to him, at least I am getting the recognition that I deserve. I’ve been applying at law firms for articles in 2015 and one got back to me asking me to submit documents which I omitted. This year I am stressed because I really want to do my articles next year and not in 2016/17/18. I mean hello, I will be graduating next year.


Snoocky worked Saturday, he had a tough week because the system at work was offline. He also got angry when they (CEO and CFO) refused his proposal to have his program on iPads. When he stresses he starts smoking like crazy. But he is so cute when he is angry. He goes off in a rage screaming ‘fuck, fuck, for fuck sake’. After work he sat on the couch and played that boring PC game till 4am. I literally had to drag him away otherwise he would have sat till who knows when. Boys and their toys, I tell you.


I decided that I will do my learners in June, which is when I have vac. Snoocky said I must make an appointment and let him know so that he can do his as well. Do not judge, we are learning from our mistakes (at least Snoocky is). After learners we will go for driver’s license because I cannot do any work without that piece of card. I do miss having a car, public transport is really not all that. Perhaps I should opt for a bicycle.


The weather is nice, only if you like dry, sunny weather that is. It is autumn and the sun is out. Weird weather I tell you. With regards to the Oscar Pistorius trial, I am pro-Oscar and I do not think that he planned Reeva’s killing. I have my reas9ons and I will say this once, in my opinion I do believe that Oscar will get maximum 15 years with probation. Now let’s leave it at that (remember I am a law student).


Got tests coming up, writing one on Thursday and then the week after that and the week after that. I feel ready for Thursday’s test, just aiming for an 80+. Crap, I need to manage my time more effectively. First I need to learn more Bulgarian phrases and then I need to make a video and put it on Youtube. I have had people comment and say that I speak fluently Bulgarian. Plus I want to lose weight too. Snoocky says I look fine but hey, I am a woman.


Anyhow this blog is named ‘What can I say?’ and I shall leave it at that. Is it just me or do people not comment on blogs? i’ve noticed that 2 people have followed me so far, but neither has commented on my blog. I remember back in the day (when I blogged on Mocospace) people commented. These days people just like or follow you. Do not get me wrong, I appreciate the follows but I do think that my blog is a sort of interacting kinda blog… To conclude, this is my third blog and I would like to thank the you (the reader) for taking the time to read this. Hopefully you are not thinking or saying out loud: ‘what a waste of time’.


Until next time, Melluan out.